Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gundam 00: Afterthoughts of the Final Chapter

A summary of the final episode (25) of season one in 12 pictures (excluding the one above).

Common sense lesson 69: Allelujah finally realise he is able to see and pilot better with two eyes. The colour of his pupils on both eyes are different as well.

Alejandro Corner bit the dust. He choked.

Graham fired his mechanic for taking so long to fix his Gun-flag thus resulting in his limited screen time and rushed fight scene with Exia. Why is it that Graham so timing-ly arrived after Exia defeated Alejandro and not before? Coincidence?

Good news for Patrick’s fans, he’s alive.
Bad news for non-Patrick’s fans, he’s alive.

New mobile suits = New model kits = Profits for Bandai

Will the real super villain please stand up, please stand up?

Hannibal Lecter? Tradition is very much alive.
Always a masked villain in every Gundam series.

Ali is alive. Yay more butt kicking in season 2.

An unexpected plot twist in which Sunrise surprises us with Louise being married to Tieria, which will in turn completes Saji’s crossover to the dark side. And it also seems to me that by giving characters new hairstyles is a way to indicate the characters had changed over the years? Tieria’s new hairstyle bears an uncanny resemblance to Lockon’s. Maybe as a tribute to his first love.

I don’t know about space fashion in the 24th century but is it just me or does Wong Liu Mei’s spacesuit looks ridiculously funny?

Who’s your daddy?

The Gundam 00. Looks like Sunrise/Bandai is going back to the more classical gundam design. Hope this doesn’t have anything to do with death threats from diehard gundam fans.

Screenshots courtesy of Random Curiosity